This 30 day Fired Up Metabolic Boost Workout Program is a uniquely challenging program that can help you build muscle and burn fat, without any jumping at all.


All of the workouts are low impact with high impact options. Low impact  doesn't mean they're easy; a person with virtually any fitness level can benefit from the smart workouts in this program. The main training styles are strength training, Pilates, low impact HIIT/cardio, functional movements, balance, coordination, and flexibility. You'll be doing a different workout video every single day—no repeats.

Workouts are 5 days a week, with an optional 6th day recovery-based workout. With that said, this program can be completed at a much slower pace in order to be even more beginner friendly. Even if you complete this program at a pace of 2 workouts per week, results will happen. This program can lead to weight loss and a noticeable change in body composition. Your energy levels may be higher, your health and mood are likely to improve, as well as your strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Workouts range between 27-40 minutes, averaging out to 34 minutes a day.If you do not have all the equipment for this workout program simply modify and do not worry about it. This entire program can be done with minimal equipment.