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Exercise Anytime And Anywhere

There is NO EXCUSE for not exercising.

Many women think they have to have MOTIVATION to workout and when they lose the motivation they stop working out.

That is plain silly!!!! It is the daily consistency of moving your body that counts. There are many days I do not have motivation but I have the mindset to move my body.

I always feel so much better after the workouts too.

Make working out simple throughout your day if you do not have time.

You can always do these 16 minute ONE MILE walking videos too when you are short on time.

An exercise can be as simple as some free standing squats with no weight done in your office during working hours.

It only takes a few minutes to do the squats but this can be done a few times a day and it will stimulate blood flow and increase your heart rate.

You can also get on the floor and do push ups that will only take a few minutes, but over time will add to your upper body strength.

Various yoga exercises, such as the standing poses can be performed almost anywhere and this will add to your leg strength, posture and balance.

Everyone, no matter how busy they might claim to be, has the time to spare a few minutes throughout the day to do these exercises.

If you believe that you don't have this much time then there is something seriously wrong with the way that you are running your life.

Stretching is something that can also be done almost anywhere, even while you are sitting at your desk.

You can perform these simple exercises while watching television and they are unlikely to disturb anyone else in the room.

Here are SIMPLE AND EASY TO FOLLOW stretching routines.

It can become quite a fun challenge to find different exercises that you can do throughout the day while at work.

All these exercises will add to a healthier body and help to relieve some of the stress of work.

Get other workmates to join in and for fun challenge them to do more exercises or hold poses for longer than you.

Walk around your workplace at lunchtime and before you start work.

Take a few extra minutes to do some exercise before leaving for home at night.

There are many opportunities throughout the day where you can give your health a boost.

Seize all the chances you can to improve your fitness and you will reap the rewards long after you retire.

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