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How to stay motivated to exercise year after year and make moving your body a lifestyle.

Simple ways to stay motivated and enjoy exercising

1.Have a goal in mind. What is your end game? What are you trying to achieve? Keep your goal in mind everyday you are training. I have friends that train for marathons and body building competitions. It does not have to be a huge goal. It could be you want to hike Pike's Peak in Colorado and have the ability to not tire out. You are the only one who knows your end game and it will change time to time. Enjoy the challenge of working towards your goals and do not stress if you do not achieve your goal at the set time . We are all a work in progress. Be kind to yourself, have fun and get those goals set.

2.Change your workout routine every once in a while. It gets boring doing the same routine year after year. Try new workout routines. Open your mind and try rock climbing, Pilates, Yoga, Cross Fit, Judo or MMA gym. It is important to understand there is not one single way to exercise to get results.

3. Schedule your workout routine into your daily life. YOU are a priority. Let me repeat . YOU are a priority and exercise is your priority too. Do not let yourself go.

4. Measure and track your progress. Commit publicly to family, friend or MyFitnessPal and hold yourself accountable. Tracking your progress motivates you to stay on track as you are seeing progress. Day to day you will not see the difference but over time you will and the results you receive will motivate you.

5. Make exercise a habit. You brush your teeth, shower, clean your house and grocery shop weekly. Exercise is the same way. Make it a non-negotiable and essential part of your life. Exercise is like drinking water or breathing. YOU are important. YOU are worth it.

6. Get a workout partner. Number 1 reason you will stay committed to exercising is knowing your workout partner is doing it with you. When you are not motivated to working out your partner will guide and give you motivation and vise versus.

7. Exercise does not have to be in a gym setting. It can be as simple as going for a walk, hiking, kayaking or taking the stairs. Exercise is a bunch of small steps daily. Park further away from the store and walk in.

8. Fitness is 80% clean eating and 20% exercise. You need to eat lean meats, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. The old saying is true " YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT". You can not out run a bad diet. You can exercise all you want and you will not get proven results if you dedicate yourself to exercising daily and you are still making bad choices when you eat.


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