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I am new to exercise. Where should I begin?

Step 1: Make sure you go to your medical professional and get clearance to exercise. You want to make sure there are no RED FLAGS that may prevent you from beginning a workout program. Your medical professional may do blood work, check your blood pressure , run further tests and discuss any issues you may have. It is not advisable to begin an exercise or weight loss workout plan without the guidance of a medical professional. This may save your life.

Step 2: Decide what type of exercise you like and do it for 30 minutes on most days. At the end of this blog I put 3 low impact 30 day workout programs for you to try that has components of cardio, strength, balance, core, flexibility and coordination so you can try a comprehensive program to get you in the best shape of your life. Furthermore, there are FREE workouts on You Tube, try On Demand Programs for a small fee , join your local gym or simply go for a walk. It is OK to not know what style of exercise you like best. The important part is getting out and MOVING YOUR BODY. A good workout program consists of cardio, strength training, balance, flexibility and coordination incorporated into your weekly routine. Do not skimp on STRENGTH TRAINING. It is essential as we age. Here is a great article link to the benefits of strength training as we age: This article is REALLY worth the read! Join Facebook exercise groups that will give you that sense of community. Here is an awesome supportive and private community:

STEP 3: You are what you eat. Do not think exercise alone will rev up your metabolism and magically you will get in shape and lose all your weight. Weight loss begins in the kitchen and what you put in your mouth. Eating clean is simple: lean protein sources, fruits, vegetables, good fats and complex carbs. You must learn what a portion size is and educate yourself on foods that FUEL your body. Here is an essential read for anyone wanting to learn more about eating clean.

Track your calories daily. I love My Fitness Pal This site really helps you stay on track with your protein, carbs, fats and micro nutrients. There is no real rocket science to weight loss. It is calories taken in versus calories burned. You must be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. This weight loss calculator is a great tool to use in order to set your weight loss goals and learn more about your daily calorie intake.

STEP 4: Journal your exercise daily. Keep track of what type of cardio you did and for how long. When you strength train write down the weights you are using so you can look back on it weekly and increase your weights by 10% every other week as your goal is to get stronger and lift heavier. Here is a food and fitness journal you may like.

This is simply the beginning of your exercise journey. There is so much more you will learn along the way and I do not want to overwhelm you with too much information at one time. This is a great start. I am going to put 30 day LOW IMPACT CARDIO -STRENGTH PROGRAMS in the links below to help get you started. Remember to always listen to your body, go at your own pace and built up your cardiovascular and strength. This is not an overnight affair. Each day wake - up , set a time to exercise, eat clean and enjoy this new ride. Your body will absolutely love you for it. Lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol levels, better sleep, increased energy and improved sex life. Yes- there are no down sides to exercise.







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