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Always consult a medical professional before beginning any exercise program.

This website is for informational purposes only and individual assumes all risk when exercising to any video on this website.

Exercise at your own risk.

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There are 6 workout videos in the FIRED UP METABOLISM BOOSTING WORKOUT PROGRAM. This workout program is easy to follow, easy to modify and easy on the joints. You can stay low impact the entire workout or challenge your body. You will get your blood pumping in 40 minutes or less daily. Put a HUGE smile on your face while getting your daily steps in too. Do these workout first thing in the morning, afternoon lunch break or in the evening.


#1 Cardio On Fire

#2 Cardio Light Weight Power Sculpt

#3 Lean Lower Body Shred

#4 Cardio Boot Camp Core

#5 Metabolic Madness

#6 Light Weight Cardio Barre Infusion

The calendar is is pdf format with clickable links to each days workout. A food and exercise journal is included along with a sample 12 week eating plan to follow.  You can preview all the workout videos in this workout program before you buy.