Fitness Challenges

Looking to get more
from your workout routine?
See what you can accomplish
when you try these 7 day fitness challenges

created by Angie


This 7-day Challenge is low impact, joint-friendly and fun.  If you are running short on time do half of the workout in the morning and finish in the evening or simply do 30 minutes daily. All equipment is optional. Use the equipment you have available to you and do not worry about what you do not have. Modify the exercises to suit what you do have. 

Here are some tips  to make this a fun challenge:

  • Modify exercises ALWAYS to suit your body.

  • Got at your own pace if the workout is too quick for you.

  • Always focus on correct form and technique. Slow the exercise down and control each movement.

  • Have fun - focus on what you can do and thank your body for moving.

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  • Group Of Women Power Walking On Urban St

    DAY 1

    60 minute 3.6 Mile Power Walk-Tons Of Variety

    Click Picture

    and Begin Your Workout

    Optional Equipment: Stability Ball-Mat-Hand Weights-Resistance Band

  • Fitness Class

    DAY 2

    60 minute  2. 5 mile Power Walk -Muscle Mix Strength

    Click Picture

    and Begin Your Workout

    Optional Equipment: Stability Ball-Step Bench - Hand Weights 

  • Couple on a Walk

    DAY 3

    40 minute Power Walk Interval Style

    Click Picture

    and Begin Your  Workout

    Your body will love you for moving today!

  • Fitness

    DAY 4

    60 Minute Power Walk and Strength Training

    Click Picture

    and Begin Your  Workout

    It is important to strength train as we get older. Bone health is essential for good health.

  • Athletic Girl Looking Over the Landscape

    DAY 5

    35 min Power Walk

    and Box

    Click Picture

    and Begin Your  Workout

    Optional Equipment: light hand weights or weighted hand gloves

  • Hammock Relaxing

    DAY 6

    20 min Unwind-Stretch-Release

    Click Picture

    and Begin Your  Workout



    Equipment: Mat or Towel

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