There are 5 videos in this BEGINNER REBOUNDING WORKOUT PROGRAM that will teach you 7 basic rebounding exercises. You will learn all about proper form, technique and how to modify each exercise according to your fitness level. Each workout video is designed to provide maximum benefit with minimal negative impact on the body. All workouts LOW IMPACT and JOINT FRIENDLY.


This workout program is suited for ALL LEVELS. Always listen to your body and modify according to your fitness level. Train with Angie and know you are creating a better body through improved strength, a boosted metabolism, increased range of motion, reduced aches and pains and an overall healthier and happier lifestyle! The workout videos are designed to help you fit in fitness at home, not the gym. That’s why minimal equipment and space is used during the workouts. – the only required equipment you’ll need is your rebounder and a small deflated ball. If you are new to rebounding, coming back from an illness/surgery/cancer this is a great starting point for you. Easy to follow and fun.