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What is an affirmation?

af·fir·ma·tion [af-er-mey-shuhn] 
  1.  the action or process of affirming something

  2. a statement that is declared to be true

  3. emotional support or encouragement

  4. a reminder that you are awesome!


  • Start your day off inspired! Keep the printable affirmations in a binder next to your bed and let an affirmation be the first thing you see in the morning to get you motivated for your day! 

  • Keep the affirmations at your workspace. When you are stressing about an unanswered email, a sudden change to schedule, or feeling stuck pick a card to turn your day around and remind you that everything will work out.

  • Whenever you are feeling down, stuck, or uninspired pick a card and go to the nearest mirror. Read your affirmation out loud to yourself. Listen to and believe what you are saying. Own Your Awesome!

  • Post the affirmations in places that you will see them: on your mirror, your fridge, your television, your car, your closet, your desk to shift your energy from blah to YES! Life is Good!

  • You can use the deck like a Magic 8 Ball, asking a question and picking a random card to get exactly what you need.  Or, you can simply search through the deck to find the card that calls fits you and your situation at that particular moment.

Read it. Say it. Believe it! Own Your Awesome!