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There are ten  60 minute workouts to choose from this month and eight edited versions from the live workouts.


What a month. We really did so many awesome workouts that were low impact, high intensity all around challenge your body workouts. 


These are the workouts for the month


  • LIVE #265 ➡Cardio &Tone With One Dumbell


  • LIVE #266 ➡Low Impact Circuit Training At Home➡ High Intensity➡ No Jumping Workout➡ Total Body Focus


  • LIVE #267➡ Fat Burning HIGH INTENSITY-LOW IMPACT Home Cardio Workout➡ ABC's Arms-Butt-Core Workout


  • LIVE #268➡LOW IMPACT High Calorie Burn Workout Cardio➡No Equipment➡Stability Ball Full Body Strength


  • LIVE #269➡Start Exercising On A Rebounder➡ Get Heart Healthy & Build Bone Density➡ Cardio + Weights


  • LIVE #270➡ 5000 Step Walk At Home ➡Fast Paced Power WALK- Jog Cardio HIIT➡ Glutes/Legs/Core Sculpt


  • LIVE #271➡ Kickboxing Aerobics Class + Standing Core ➡ Upper Body Weight Training With Dumbbells


  • LIVE #272 ➡No Noise Workout➡ No Jumping APARTMENT FRIENDLY Barefoot Cardio Sculpt -Pilates-Yoga


  • LIVE #273 ➡ Step Aerobics And Upper Body ➡ Step Cardio Tabata And Lower Body Strength Push


  • LIVE #274➡ Body Sculpt FULL BODY Workout Toning No Jumping➡ No shoes ➡High Intensity/ Low Impact


A 7 Day Low Impact Cardio And Strength Training Program is included.



October 2021 Live Group Fitness Classes And 7 Day Challenge

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