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September 2021 Live Group Fitness Classes And 7 Day Challenge

All the variety you crave with 8 Live Group Fitness Classes done and dusted the month of SEPTEMBER all in one place.


I also include a 7 Day Workout Challenge in this pdf too.


With 8 LIVE CLASSES  and 11 EDITED  classes this month  there is a workout for  every style, mood, and level—you’ll always look forward to your workout! 


Effective workouts  that deliver results

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, exploring something new, or ready for a Hard AF challenge, get motivated with curated workouts  that take you for a ride and amp up amazing results.


Stay motivated—together


Sweat with friends live EVERY WEEK on YOU TUBE with me and women all around the world.  


➡ Click this link and subscribe to the my FREE workout channel today and stay in the loop


Need Motivation? Accountability? Done and done.




Workouts This Month

  1. LIVE #257 | Women OVER 40 WORKOUT ➡ Cardio Using The Step Bench ➡NO REPEAT Lower Body Circuit

  2. LIVE #258 | STEP and WEIGHTS Workout- Total Body Compound Strength Training- Standing Core

  3. LIVE #259  Rebounding Workout With Weights Standing Core- Barefoot Sculpt Workout➡2 Classes In 1Hour

  4. LIVE #260➡All Standing Cardio And Core Workout ➡Upper Body Strength Training✔ NO JUMPING➡ Low IMPACT

  5. LIVE #261 ➡LOW IMPACT Cardio Boxing Workout ➡ Standing Core➡ Pilates Full Body Sculpt

  6. LIVE #262➡ 49th Birthday PARTY Workout For Angie ➡25 Exercises- 49 Reps➡Cardio-Strength- Core

  7. LIVE #263 ➡ Basic Step Aerobics and Upper Body -Core Workout➡ ALL STANDING Weight Loss Routine

  8. LIVE #264 ➡Walk At HOME 1 Mile Burn FAT + Booty Bands➡ Cardio Boxing Ankle Weight Lower Body Sculpt


You can also become a PATREON MEMBER for $3.00 a month and get these monthly pdf. workout calendars. 


Here is the link ➡

September 2021 Live Group Fitness Classes And 7 Day Challenge

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