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The real secret to a healthy life...

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

I often get asked how I maintain my weight, stay motivated to workout daily and continue to do so year after year. There is no big magic pill or secret. I make sure I set aside 1 hour daily for myself. I plan my workout into my daily life. I am committed to myself and my "ME" time. I meal prep on Sundays. I know what I want to eat during the week and crock pot my meals on Sunday and have them in the refrigerator for the entire week. It takes 3 hours out of my Sunday to eat healthy all week. Everyone needs to educated themselves on what a serving size is, what food to eat and what food to avoid. Reading nutrition labels is essential to your health. There is so much sodium in processed canned foods it is unbelievable. If you really want to eat healthy, lose weight and get in shape it will take education , dedication and commitment on your part. Once again- there is no magic pill or secret sauce to eating healthy and moving your body. You have to decide to do it. No one can change you. No one! Surround yourself with a supportive group, find a friend to walk with you and make the commitment to love yourself and give yourself the gift of being HEALTHY. Choose my is full of resources to educate yourself about everything when it comes to eating healthy. Take the time to go through this site and learn.

You are so worth it my friends. ENJOY!

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